Using The Studio Box!

UPDATE (11/2021): We no longer use door codes! Find your booking here during your rental time, and simply click the “Unlock Door” button!

Date:  (provided in email or find your booking here)

Time: (provided in email or find your booking here)

Address:  2730 5th Ave S, Unit A, Fargo, ND 58103

Door code:  We no longer use door codes! Find your booking here during your rental time, and simply click the “Unlock Door” button!

*The “Unlock Door” button will unlock the front door to The Studio Box starting immediately at the time of your rental, and will stop working immediately at the end of your rental.

*Please lock the front door to the studio during your rental (turn the knob on the inside of the door).  When leaving at the end of your rental, press the “Yale” button on the outside of the door on the keypad to lock it.

Parking:  There are 3 parking spots next to the building (the gravel area) that are reserved for The Studio Box.  Feel free to use any or all of those spots.  Additional parking can be found nearby down the street, and occasional/temporary use of a couple of the parking spots next to the dumpster is allowed (our neighbors are nice, and are currently allowing that… please be respectful and use sparingly!)

What to bring:  Bring any cameras, lenses, and additional equipment you may need.   Each rental at The Studio Box comes with all of the professional lighting equipment (continuous, flash), 86″ seamless paper backdrops (white, black, coral/pink, green), a couple tripods, and various other equipment, props, and seating options. There are also “textured” walls to use as backdrops (white shiplap, multi-toned brown wood, graffiti garage, white “brick” wall).  If you feel you may need anything else, make sure to bring it! A list of most of the equipment in the studio can be found here!

Flash Lighting Equipment:  All of the continuous lighting equipment can be used with any camera setup, as you just turn on the switch like with any normal lighting (nothing needs to connect to your camera), but the flash lighting equipment needs to be triggered from your camera to work:

Other notes:

  • Please allow at least 5-10 minutes at the end of your rental period (longer, if necessary) to clean up the studio and put everything back in its original place, so that it is ready to go for the next person renting the studio.  There are brooms, a mop and bucket, and swiffer wet jet near the bathroom to use as needed, and a vacuum near the entrance!
  • Please make sure to turn off all lighting, air conditioning, etc. prior to leaving.  Give the studio one last look-around right before you close (and lock!) the door for the last time!
  • Please keep volume (voices, music, etc.) to a reasonable level within the studio at all times.  We have neighbors and a couple small businesses near us, and we want to be respectful.
  • There are a lot of cords/cables lying around due to all of the equipment.  Please take care to watch where you are stepping, and move slowly when around a lot of lighting equipment to prevent any mishaps. When finished using lighting equipment, unplug it from its outlet, wrap the cords loosely, and hang it on the lighting equipment.
  • When using seamless paper backdrops, pull slowly on the colored chains (when available) to raise/lower the backdrops, and use the large black/orange clamps (provided on the chains) to further secure the backdrop in its desired position.  When rolling the paper back up, make sure it is going up evenly — if it starts angling toward one side, it will start to “catch”, so you may need to pull the paper over to recenter it while rolling it up.
  • Also, try not to have the seamless paper backdrops on the ground or be stepping on them unless absolutely necessary (aka, only if doing full body shots, etc.).  This will help prolong the life of the backdrops, which will allow us to keep providing them at no additional charge for you!
  • Lighting modifiers (different softboxes, etc.) for the Godox flash equipment can be interchanged — see here how to do this (there is no locking pin to hold back with our equipment). The AlienBee B800 only has one modifier (large softbox), so that one shouldn’t need to be taken off or changed for most uses.
  • The large black/white foam walls (“v-flats”) can be used anywhere in The Studio Box for extra light reflecting (using the white side) or detracting (using the black side). Just make sure to put them back in their original place at the end of your rental.

If you have any questions, please contact us by messaging The Studio Box on Facebook, or sending an email to  We’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

We hope you have a great time at The Studio Box!

And, if you do, please leave us a Google Review and/or Facebook Review after your rental to help us out!  Your words mean more than ours ever could for potential studio renters!

Also, take some photos of yourself using The Studio Box and post them to your social media, tagging @the_studiobox (Instagram) and @thestudiobox.fargo (Facebook) and using the hashtag #thestudiobox!  We would love to see you enjoying the space!

Happy shooting/creating/learning!

-The Studio Box 🙂