Book a Photographer!

Interested in booking a photographer, rather than time in the studio for yourself?

Since we’ve opened, we’ve had quite a few photographers that have come through the studio and have become familiar with the space!

The following is our current list of photographers that have expressed interest in being booked for a photoshoot or video shoot within the space. Check them out, and contact them if you’re interested!

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email us at and we’ll see what we can do for you!

Interested in being listed as a photographer? Get started here or email us for more information!

Bookable Photographers!

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Aaron Motacek
Instagram: @the_studiobox
Facebook: @thestudiobox.fargo
Hello! I’m Aaron, and I’m the owner of The Studio Box! I do mostly studio photography, with most of my experience being professional headshots for dancers, actors, and other artists in Los Angeles!

I’m currently offering my signature studio headshots! This is usually a face-focused, shoulders-and-up headshot, but we can make adjustments if you want something a little different!

How to book:
Fill out this form to select what you’re interested in, and I’ll get back to you! Email me if you have questions!

See more of my work here!
Interested in being listed as a photographer? Get started here or email us for more information!